BMI Micro Pod System

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BMI Micro Pod System, THE ULTIMATE SALT NIC POD SYSTEM With its Clean, Classic Lines, and perfectly Brushed Stainless Steel Frame, the MICRO will be a perfect addition to your collection.

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<h1>BMI Micro Pod System</h1>
BMI Micro Pod System, <strong>THE ULTIMATE SALT NIC POD SYSTEM </strong>With its Clean, Classic Lines, and perfectly Brushed <strong>Stainless Steel Frame</strong>, the MICRO will be a perfect addition to your collection. We have been working on the MICRO for some time now and can honestly say that it’s a <strong>FLAVOR/VAPOR BEAST</strong>. Also, with its <strong>1200 MAH INTERNAL BATTERY,</strong> you can rest assured that you will have power when you need it. Therefore, you should own one.

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Un-Boxing/Breakdown Tutorial

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<a title=”MICRO UN-BOXING/BREAKDOWN TUTORIAL” href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><strong>VIDEO:</strong> Un-Boxing/Breakdown Tutorial</a>

<strong>NOTE: </strong>DO NOT lose or discard the Coil Base and Airflow Ring as you will need them for your device to work properly.
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<div dir=”auto”><strong style=”font-size: 1rem;”>FEATURED SPECS:</strong></div>
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<li><strong>FULL STAINLESS STEEL FRAME/BODY, DOOR + TRIGGER (All Brushed)</strong></li>
<li>Heavy Duty Construction</li>
<li>Signature BMI Sliding Door System</li>
<li>Deep Lzr Etched Front Logo</li>
<li>Official Crown Logo Lzr Etched on Back Panel</li>
<li>510 Drip Tip Compatible (Use your own tip!)</li>
<li><strong>1200 MAH Internal Battery</strong></li>
<li>5-30 Watt Power Adjustment</li>
<li>LCD Screen With The Following Indicators: Battery Meter, Wattage Setting, OHM Reader, Voltage Output</li>
<li>Mesh Coils (.5 + 1.0ohm)</li>
<li>2ML Pod Capacity</li>
<li>Type C USB Charging</li>
<strong>WHAT’S INCLUDED:</strong>
<li>1 x MICRO 30 Watt Rechargeable Pod Device, 1 x 2ml Re-Usable Pod, 1 x 510 Drip Tip, 2 x Mesh Coils (.5, 1.0 ohm), 1 x Coil Base &amp; Airflow Control Ring, USB Type C Charging Cable, User Manual<a href=””>.</a></li>
MICRO Replacement <a href=””>Coils Available HERE</a>
MICRO Replacement Pods Available HERE


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